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Waste Sites & Landfills

Terminator Waste and Landfill Services
We carry out works throughout the Waste Industry and have gained extensive knowledge of working practices for different facilities.

Terminator Pest Control provides pest control services to some of the largest waste-to-product businesses in the U.K. We work closely with site staff to ensure that any products used will not affect the processes in place within the plant.

Terminator has a full range of organic options available for use on sites where it is essential to maintain the integrity of the product being produced. We currently provide services to landfills, transfer stations, MRFs, AD sites, MBT sites and HWRC sites.

The main works within these sites are rodent control, bird control and fly control.

Please contact us for further information on waste and landfill services.

Dog Bins

Terminator Dog Bins
Dog fouling is unhygienic, unsightly and not pleasant. Terminator Pest Control offers a range of bins available in two different sizes along with an easy chute bin.

We offer tailored contracts to empty the dog foul bins and dispose of the waste. The frequency of visits will be dependent upon the usage of the bins. We have found that once dog bins have been installed for a short period of time the usage increases as more people are encouraged to pick up after their pets when the bins are available.

Please contact us for further information on our dog bin services.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Terminator Bed Bugs Heaters and Services
Bed bugs have become more prevalent over the past 10 years and can have a devastating effect on a business’s reputation.

One of the most effective ways of protecting the business is find bed bugs in rooms before a guest does! Terminator Pest Control offers full training and materials to hotels and guest houses in order to assist in the discovery of bed bugs. When found, a bed bug infestation must be dealt with in the correct manner in order to prevent the bugs spreading throughout the building. Our training offers staff the knowledge that they require in order to prevent a situation becoming worse.

Once an infestation has been identified it is in the best interest to get the room or rooms treated and back into service as quickly as possible in order to prevent income being lost.

Heat treatments offer a fast solution for the treatment of bed bugs. In short, all items in a room are stacked up and covered with plastic sheeting. Heat is then ducted in until the desired temperature is achieved. Once the temperature required has been obtained it is then maintained for the optimum length of time to eradicate the bed bugs.

Please contact us for more information on our heat treatments available.


Terminator Bird Proofing
Woodworm is a serious issue in structural timbers, wooden windows and door frames as it can seriously weaken the wood.

Furniture can also be affected and whilst the common furniture beetle normally does not attack polished wood, all items do have exposed wood in certain areas.

Treatment is carried out after a full survey has been undertaken. The treatment will consist of either a spray product or paste product depending upon the size and the level of infestation of the item to be treated.

All of our woodworm treatments carry a guarantee of 20 years.

Please contact us for more information on our woodworm treatments.

Bird Control

Terminator Bird Proofing
Birds can cause an extreme nuisance on premises. The fouling is not only unhygienic it is can be very dangerous especially on areas such as fire escapes where it can cause a slip hazard.

Prevention measures

There are three popular types of prevention measures that can be implemented:-
  • Application of bird netting to prevent birds gaining access to large areas and prevent them from roosting and nesting.
  • Application of anti-roosting spikes on sills and ledges to prevent roosting.
  • A new product to the market in recent years is bird repellent gel. The gel can be applied directly to areas or can be applied in small dishes. Birds view the gel as flames and do not attempt to land on the area where it has been applied.

Cleaning and removal of fouling

Terminator can remove and dispose of bird fouling, whether it is a small amount on window sills or a major build-up in roof spaces or disused areas of a building.

Please contact us for more information on our bird proofing treatments.

Deer Management

Terminator Deer Management
Terminator Pest Control has over 45 years’ experience of assisting Woodland Management with the control of deer. It is imperative that young saplings are protected from the damage that can be caused by deer.

We have worked closely with the Forestry Commission in assisting with the protection of woodland. At Terminator we undertake regular visits to examine fencing designed to prevent deer from damaging woodland stocks.

Our Technicians

There are three popular types of prevention measures that can be implemented:-
  • Approved contractors for the Forestry Commission
  • Registered on the Scottish Natural Heritage Fit and Competent Register
  • Have achieved Deer Management Qualifications Levels 1 and 2
  • Adhere to the British Deer Society Code of Practice

Whenever taking on Deer Management tasks Terminator Pest Control always acts humanely, responsibly and effectively.

Please contact us for more information on our deer management services.

Weed Clearance

Terminator Weed Clearance
Site maintenance assists in the prevention of infestations from rodents and other pests. Terminator can carry out site clearance, weed-killing and maintenance. Overgrown areas around a site provide ideal harbourage for rodents and other pest species. When you have a rodent control contract in place it is essential that the site is kept tidy.

All of our technicians hold spraying certificates so that they can apply weed-killers. We also have several quad bikes with sprayers mounted to enable us to spray and treat large areas.

Common Ragwort (dangerous injurious weeds)

There is a code of practice in place to prevent the spread of Common Ragwort (Senecio Jacobaea onto adjacent land. Once the ragwort has spread it could be very harmful to vulnerable animals. Terminator Pest Control has many years’ experience in the control of common ragwort and other injurious weeds.

Japanese Knotweed (dangerous invasive weeds)

The control of Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica) is essential on development land or soil containing the weed. Terminator Pest Control can advise and assist on treatment of these and other invasive weeds.

Please contact us for more information on our weed clearance services.

Landscape Protection

Terminator Landscape Protection
Golf courses, sports fields, parks and even business parks can become a haven for many pests such as moles, rabbits and foxes. Holes caused by rabbits or moles in fields where horses are kept can be particularly dangerous as the horse could easily break a limb should they stumble into one.


Rabbit fencing is a popular method of prevention in areas where rabbits attempt to set up home. The fencing is fixed in place to prevent the rabbits from gaining access and protects your beautifully manicured greens or lawns.


Our technicians are trained in mole clearance methods and can have your lawns and fields back to looking like new with just a few visits. See more information on moles click here.


Advice on the control of foxes can be given. Please call us to arrange a site survey to discuss your needs.

Please contact us for more information on our landscape protection services.
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