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Electronic Fly Killing Units

Flying insects, flies, wasps etc. pose a major threat to everyone in the manufacture, handling and sale of food. If these insects are seen on or around food the consequences can be devastating to your business. Not only do they contaminate your food - your produce can be seized and you could face a fine of up to two thousand pounds.

Even worse it can damage beyond repair your reputation. By fitting an electronic Fly Killing Unit you will be showing that you are taking reasonable precautions under the food safety regulations (General Food Hygiene) 1995. Units are available to buy or rent.

Electronic Fly Killing Units (Contracts)

Once you have your unit or if you already own an Electronic Fly Killing Unit, servicing and maintenance can be included in your pest control contract.
On each of our visits we will clean and service each unit, supply a catch-tray analysis and change the bulbs each year.

Chain Screening

Chain screens provide an effective barrier at doors and windows to keep flying insects at bay. The easy 'walk through' nature makes them an ideal permanent or temporary solution in doorways and windows, providing fresh air without the insects!

Weed Killing

Commercial weed killing around pathways, car parks etc. Site maintenance and spraying.

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