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Terminator Pest Control is "Safe Contractor" accredited

At Terminator Pest Control our firm belief is that an incident and accident free environment is possible, every day, 365 days a year, in all our activities.

The Safecontractor Charter Standards set down the benchmark against which all contractor are assessed.

Due to the vast variation in contractor work activities, size and nature, the Standards are deliberately non-prescriptive, allowing the auditors to use their best judgment and experience as to the specific level of evidence required to demonstrate compliance.

The Standards cover core elements including health and safety policies, risk assessment and first aid. Also included are specific requirements relating to the activity for which accreditation is being sought, for example high risk activities such as asbestos removal have an additional 14 evidence requirements (including licenses and health surveillance).

The overall performance and operation of the Audit Team is governed by theSantia Accreditation Assessment Guidance Note (SAAGN) which outlines the overall aims of the audit process and other non-technical issues including file handling, call handling and customer service.

Company Standards

We are commited to providing a safe and healthy place of work such that all our employees, contractors and those affected by our activities, remain healthy and free from injury, or incidents with the potential to cause injury, throughout their working life with the Company. In order to achieve this, we recognise that our employees have rights as well as responsibilities in securing an incident and injury free environment.

As the Managing Director, I ensure that Terminator Pest Control management provide the following elements needed to work in an accident and injury free environment and safe and healthy manner and in accordance with all applicable legislation and standards.

  • Leadership
  • Organisation and resources
  • Workplace
  • Tools and equipment
  • Management systems and procedures
  • Training

Similarly, each one of us is personnally accountable for our own health and safety as well as the heatlh and safety of our colleagues and those affected by our decisions and our actions. Terminator Pest Control requires all employees and contractors, be they managers, supervisors or members of the workforce, to commit to ensuring that they take all practicable steps to provide an incident and injury free environment.

Qualifications & Accreditations

NPTC, National Proficiency Tests Council in the Safe use of Pesticides

  • PA1 - Foundation Module - Safe Use of Insecticides
  • PA2 - Trailer/Mounted Boom Sprayers
  • PA6 - Hand Held Applicators
  • Network Pest Control Systems
  • The Safe and Effective Use of Air Guns For Urban Bird Control
  • St John Ambulance, Emergency Aid in the Workplace
  • Lantra Awards Ltd, Sit Astride 'All Terrain' Vehicles, including loads and trail equipment
  • IOSH (Institution of Occupational Health and Safety), Managing Safely
  • IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), Operator Training Certificate
  • PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers' & Manufacturers' Association), Certificate of Competency
  • Deer Management - DMQ Level 1
  • Deer Management - DMQ Level 2

British Pest Control Association - British Pest Control Diploma

Killgerm Chemicals - Including:

  • Aspects of Insect Control
  • Reducing Pesticide Risks
  • Rodent Control
  • Biology and Behaviour of Bird Legislation
  • Bird Control and Proofing Methods
  • Biology and Control of Rodents and Insects
  • Legislation and the Safe Use of Pesticides
  • Insect Identification
  • Practical Drainage Investigations
  • Biology and Control of Insects

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