Rats and mice

Rats and mice can be very damaging in many ways:

Rats and mice both carry diseases that can be transferred to humans via their droppings, urine and hairs.

Rats and mice are incontinent and will leave a trail of urine and droppings wherever they have been inside the property. Foodstuffs have to be disposed of and thorough cleaning and disinfecting is recommended.

Rats and mice gnaw a range of materials and the damage once they gain access to a property can be widespread. Wiring in cavities and lofts can be gnawed leaving electrical equipment not working correctly and also can cause a fire hazard.

Rats and mice are controlled by using a range of measures such as effective baiting and proofing. A full survey of the property is undertaken and any proofing measures are pointed out to the customer. A baiting regime is then implemented and carried out over an agreed period of time.

Hygiene and prevention
A good standard of hygiene is one of the ways to deter rodents together with good proofing. Although an infestation of rats or mice is not always an indication of poor hygiene. The rodents can sometimes be purely looking for harbourage and shelter especially in more rural areas in the winter months.


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