Contrary to popular belief moles are not blind, however, they don't see very well when they are above ground. Moles have the ability to use vibrations as a way of navigating their way around underground, sensing the smallest movements. They live mainly on earthworms and use their very strong, muscular forearms and 'shovel-like' front feet to make tunnels under the ground for the worms to fall down into.

The result of this activity is large mounds of earth in lawns and gardens. If left, the grass or plants that are growing above the tunnels die due to the lack of earth beneath the root system. The moles' tunnelling activity can make a lawn seem springy and in worse cases can even cause it to collapse. This can be extremely dangerous in fields where horses are kept and can result in broken limbs.

We have carried out mole clearance in:

  • Private gardens
  • Football pitches
  • Golf courses
  • Equestrian Fields
  • Cricket pitches
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Business parks

Don't let moles ruin your investment in your landscaping or pitches.


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