There are many varieties of beetle found in the U.K. including ladybirds. Most beetles that make their way into premises are casual intruders and offer no risks to health or structures. Below are some of the most common beetles that cause problems in domestic and commercial premises.

Carpet Beetle
Spray treatments for bed bugs are available and are widely used in domestic situations. Control of bed bugs using an insecticide takes place over a period of weeks.

The female carpet beetle likes to fly into buildings and lay her eggs, as many as 100. Once hatched the young feed on carpet fibres, woollen clothing and soiled material.

The carpet beetle larvae can be very destructive. Control can be achieved using a residual insecticide spray.

Cockchafer Beetle
Also known as a May Bug, these beetles live in woodlands and gardens. They can be seen swarming around trees and bushes from May to July. They are mostly seen at dusk.

The Cockchafer Beetle is not considered to be a nuisance pest, however, many people do confuse this beetle with cockroaches (see our cockroach page here).

Woodworm Beetle
More information on woodworm can be found on our woodworm section here (insert woodworm link).

Again, the ladybird is not considered to be a risk to health, however, they can enter buildings in large numbers and can be a nuisance. Control of ladybird infestations can be obtained with the use of an insecticidal spray treatment.


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