Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Terminator offers two types of treatments for bed bugs:

Insecticide treatments
Spray treatments for bed bugs are available and are widely used in domestic situations. Control of bed bugs using an insecticide takes place over a period of weeks.

Heat treatments
Heat treatments for bed bugs are particularly useful in hotels as the affected room is out of service for a minimal amount of time.

Using our inclusive treatment plan we will incorporate Harvesting, Heat, Spray and Dust methods. This complete procedure is not practiced by any other pest control companies and resolve 98% of infestations in a single treatment. If you compare this to the industry average of 56% it shows how advanced our techniques are and that we can get your rooms reopened faster than any other company. We usually return rooms to service the day after the treatment is carried out, reducing lost revenue to our client by 90-95% compared to other companies treatment techniques.

The objectives of heat treatment are to kill all stages of the target pest by denaturing the proteins and enzymes essential for that insect to survive or develop. There may also be as yet unproven benefits that some food sources eg wood and flour that are heat treated may also become inedible for some insect species larvae.

For this we use a variety indirect burn fuel oil/diesel powered heating units from 25 to 200kW in power to heat up the heat treatment area to the required target temperature.

We define the heat treatment area by sheeting over with insulating material or it may be a separate room or building, or perhaps an empty bin or silo; we must however be able to measure heat penetration into the coolest area in which insects may be harbouring.

We use temperature sensors attached to a data logger to measure the temperature in these areas and throughout the heat treatment area to produce a temperature profile of the job in hand.

As well as setting up the heat distribution system to adequately heat the coolest areas, we must also take measures to ensure that sensitive machinery, electronics, materials and sprinklers are not damaged by over exposure to heat. The objective of a heat treatment is therefore to achieve as even and gentle distribution of heat within the heat treatment area as possible.


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